Pre-Workout: My results after 7 months | Pictures & facts

I was a personal trainer and did a lot of research in my training. In 2011 I started to work at a gyms and in 2013 I started to make my way into fitness training. I have done several studies and tried to put together a comprehensive review of a few products. This will be my first review to be a personal trainer, I am very new to fitness and there are so many products out there. This review is for the product i use in the most places in my training, the Power-A-Muscle. This is a good product. I think this product is great for someone who is a little new to the training world. I love the fact that there is a little sticker on the back of the box to make it easy to keep track of everything. I have not had any problems. The price is good for the amount of product. I love this. I have had no problems. I really appreciate this product. When I went to a seminar and they said I will be able to do more than double what I did in the gym. That was really the only negative thing I have to say. I really like this product and use it daily.

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4 Gauge

4 Gauge

Marian Sparks

more strength and muscle volume are apparently the fastest with 4 Gauge. A lot of satisfied consume...